Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Very Hot

I am sitting in my sewing room, and it is so hot!!!!!
The weather here in Melbourne doesn't know what to do. Just half an hour ago, it was raining, now its damn hot again. I guess thats why they call Melbourne, the city of four seasons .....
Anyhow, I have my shuttle out, and still trying to get familiar with all the jargon on tatting.
Just when I think I have got it ......... some other patterns says something different (which only means the same thing), I get so confused, but Alas, I am still trying and I am not going to give up, because of the love I have for this craft.
I go on You Tube and watch the videos on tatting there. I am more a visual person rather than reading instructions.
OK, I am off to learn more ......

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