Monday, June 29, 2009

Blue RR Linda's

Linda's block when I recieved it, beautiful work.

Marcia did a beautiful job on the beaded paisley and also gorgeous beaded lace around the fan.

This is what I did on Linda's block

Blue RR

This is Marcia block that I worked on, here I did a spider web, then did fly stitch for flower stems and added flower buttons and then I did feather stitch and lastly added beads.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blue Colour RR, Ocean Blue

Here is my block before sending off to the next person, can't wait to see the end product .....

In our group, CQforNewbies, we have started Colour RR swap, and the colour is Blue. The group that I am in is Ocean Blue.
If I remember correctly there is about 36 ladies in this swap. We have been broken up into groups of 6 and the hostess running this swap is saying this is the largest group ever she has done.
This is my first ever RR swap, and I am kinda nervous. Especially when I am going to be working on other ladies blocks, wondering if my stitches maybe ugly, crooked, not enough or maybe too much ..... geez the list goes on.
I received my first block and all I have done so far is look at it and trying to figure what the heck am I going to do.
Anyhow, I will post back later on the block I have received naked, then will post what I have done to it and keep you all up to date on the blocks.

Grand Motif Swap

A photo of my crochet motifs.

I am in a group called CQForNewbies, and there was a swap happening where the ladies could either crochet, do tatting or any kind of motif no bigger than 4". We all had to make 20 motifs, example 5 butterflies, 5 dragonflys, 5 flowers, 5 hearts, 5 baskets, 5 of anything making a total of 20. It was a joy to do. I know a little bit of crochet so I had a go, it was fun.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessings For The New Year 2009

My beautiful Mummy & Daddy

We'll I thought I'd write my last post for 2008.

All I can say is that, this year has been really really hard for me, after loosing my mother, 1 year ago 29th Dec 2007.
I don't know what to say, but I have not been myself this year, just wasn't caring for myself, which I can see the results now, as I have put on so much weight.
The reason for me being so depressed is that my Dad had past away suddenly Sept 2006.
I cared for my mother through her illness, she had cancer in the lungs.
We all knew what was going to happen, and when it did, it hit me like a tone of bricks (not that I've been hit by a tone of bricks). I hadn't got over the death of my father still grieving for him then my mother goes.
It has been very very hard. I think my mother more or less died of a broken heart, she and dad were so close, they were truly soul partners.
We buried her new years day 2007. I was happy for her, because she just wanted to lay next to our father ..... and we honoured her wish.
OK!!!! After writing all this, I do feel so much better, and I do know now, that 2009 will bring me much joy and happiness.

Friday, December 26, 2008

These 2 CQ portraits, I had made for chrissy prezzies for my inlaws.
My sister inlaw in the blue, when she opened hers I thought she was going to cry. She was so overjoyed and said that this was the best thing that anyone could give her and said she is now thinking of her to pass it down to .....
My sister inlaw in the yellow just loved it. The look on her face is a look I probably will not forget, it was just magic.
I loved making them and all my love went into them.
I am at the moment doing more 1 for my son and partner, my daughter and her husband, and one each for my 3 brothers

It's Very Hot

I am sitting in my sewing room, and it is so hot!!!!!
The weather here in Melbourne doesn't know what to do. Just half an hour ago, it was raining, now its damn hot again. I guess thats why they call Melbourne, the city of four seasons .....
Anyhow, I have my shuttle out, and still trying to get familiar with all the jargon on tatting.
Just when I think I have got it ......... some other patterns says something different (which only means the same thing), I get so confused, but Alas, I am still trying and I am not going to give up, because of the love I have for this craft.
I go on You Tube and watch the videos on tatting there. I am more a visual person rather than reading instructions.
OK, I am off to learn more ......